Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Have Arrived?

Wow, just wow. As some of you have probably noticed, Instapundit will occasionally link to a scholarly article on something called SSRN. Google reveals that SSRN is the Social Science Research Network, with "Tomorrow's Research Today." That's probably a pretty handy thing to have, although I would rather have "Tomorrow's Stock Picks Today." Anyway, today the good professor put up a post regarding the ssrn articles. Apparently some readers were confused by the process, as I initially was. The first time I followed a link, expecting to find an article or paper, I was confused to find download buttons. When I clicked on one, it asked if I wanted to save or open the file. Scary! So I never went back because teh intratubes are a fearsome place where some unsuspecting traveller can inadvertently download some nasty super-virus onto his work computer. Long story short, after today's prompting I successfully downloaded a pdf, read it, and sent an email to the Instameister relaying my experience in this grand experiment. Later in the day, as I was strolling through the internet, I came across the original post. And what did I find but my quote, published right there on the front page of Algore's Internet for all to see! Here is the relevant part of Glenn's post:

And reader Tom Paine (real name? who knows?) emails: "I just downloaded (for the
first time) one of your papers (Bork confirmation) from ssrn with no
difficulties. I was leery of downloading them before, but maybe now I'll
download more articles in the future. Thanks for all your work."

Thanks, Tom.
So I guess it's safe to say that I have now arrived. The excitement of the day has also prompted me to resume my blogging duties which I have sadly allowed to lapse in recent weeks. Stand by for much furious blogging-fu from the Insapundit Quoted Thomas PaineTM!

PS-Thomas Paine is really my sooper-sekrit internet name, I'm just one of many Davids.


Anonymous said...

NO SHIT!!! I saw that today on my travels through the intertubes and wondered if it was YOU, oh illustrious one. A HAT TIP by the Instapundit and a mention in his Blog-of-Blogs is a real coup! WOW. Congrats! Can I have your autograph now before you get too famous for me?

The Mouse

Anonymous said...

Oh, and should you ever get an INSTALANCHE, I'm buying your dinner to celebrate. Will your Blogger account hold up to an Instalanche?

The Mouse

Thomas Paine said...

I think blogger can handle Instalanches, Gates of Vienna for example is on blogger. I don't know, however, if there's a "pro" version that costs money that lets you get more bandwidth. I think all the blogger blogs share servers so maybe. Developing...
ps-look in my nonsense category for some previous Instabaits!