Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Am A Genius

So over at Instapundit's today, I saw this article from USA Today. In it was a quiz on American civics. 60 questions, multiple choice:

Overall, [college] freshmen averaged 50.4% on a wide-ranging civic literacy test; [college] seniors averaged 54.2%, both failing scores if translated to grades.
So it was with some trepidation that I took the quiz this morning, years since I've been in a classroom. I need not have been fearful, for I am a genius. I only missed 5 out of 60 for a 91.67% score. Take that. So go take the quiz yourself, and leave your score in the comments. Good luck!

Update: Unrelated Ewww.


Thomas Paine said...

I missed:
#1-Jamestown settled in 17th not 16th century.
#19-Plato's Republic points to desirability of Philosopher Kings, not democracy.
#33-Congress can approve treaties, but can't receive ambassadors.
#35-Monroe Doctrine discouraged new colonies, didn't proclaim "Manifest Destiny>"
#58-The Fed buying bonds results in a volumetric increase in commercial loans, not a decrease in the supply of money.

Anonymous said...

whoo hooo! 76 percent. Not bad for a dummy like me!


Larry said...

83 pct for me when I took it two weeks ago. A few of the questions were, frankly, rather arcane... but an interesting exercise!