Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The End of Ignorance, Part 10 of 10

And so the day comes to a close. For the next couple of days, many around the world will stand in solidarity with America in expressing grief and anger. Some, however, will cheer in the streets at the news of what happened this fateful day. Over time, these feelings will fade. France will return to it's habit of decrying every move that America takes, and the Arab world will return to demonizing America and Israel. For some, the events of today sounded in their souls like a lone clarion bell across an empty plain. They removed the fleece from their eyes and saw the world in a new light. For others, this was just the latest in a long string of attacks, they had been awakened by the attacks on the USS Cole, or perhaps the Khobar Towers, or the African Embassies, or the first WTC bombing. And sadly, for far too many others, today's events will act as nothing more than a catalyst for fevered conspiracy theorizing. The days go by, the dust settles. Planes fly through the air, and everything seems to be like it always was. For some, that will never be the case. We cannot forget the evil perpetrated that day by insane followers of a cult of death. We must remain strong, we must remember. For the day we forget, is the day we invite more peril onto our shores.

Note: This post will be updated throughout the day with additional blogospheric remembrances. All links completely safe from language or other content unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned...

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has pics (mild content warning) of the islamist march around Ground Zero. Unbelievable. (via ROP)

Ann Althouse has pics of the Manhattan skyline from this morning. (via Insty)

A hero departs for the front lines.

Sadly unsurprisingly, Google doesn't remember.

Instapundit, 9/11/01.

Ace recollects that day 6 years ago, and how much has and hasn't changed. (safe link).

Slublog thinks we should get angry, I agree.

At DailyKos, this is how the "American" Left treats 9/11. (via MM)

At the BBC, this is how the European Left views 9/11. (also via MM)

Read Michelle Malkin's post today, as she reminds us not just to remember, but to resist.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford reminds the still willfully-ignorant Left who was actually responsible for those atrocities.

And from Zombie, he/she who bravely treads where others fear to, shows us the freak show that is the "American" Left, the supposed 'center' of the Democratic Party.

Charles Johnson has sadly pathetic news at LGF, they just don't seem to get it I guess.

Rachel Lucas (one f-bomb and two s-bombs warning) informs us that several Salt Lake City schools just want the kids to forget about 9/11 and move on.

Dennis Kucinich, lone wacko. (via Hot Air)

What if the 9/11 attacks were thwarted? It's sad because it's true. (via Hot Air)

A good muslim? One who renounces his 'faith.'

Hollywood's best and brightest, with a movie opening this weekend. (At least two of those people are an Academy Award winning Best Actor/Actress!)

Video: Inside the North Tower.

Bryan's first-hand account of 9/11, and his expression of anger and opinion on the status quo.

Amazing: The Left decides to support the troops after all. (via Insty)

One of the commenters, Tilly, at LGF survived 9/11 by escaping from WTC Tower 2. Her story is here.

And, to heap ridicule on those who would bring harm to us, check out the lol-terrorists at IMAO.

And in closing, remember to celebrate your freedom with bacon! (via Insty)

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