Monday, August 20, 2007

Blame It On The Rain...

...Yeah yeah. So yeah, it's been raining here, in Central Oregon, in August. WTF!!?!!11! Anyway, I've been light on my blogging because I've been spending a lot of time house-hunting. I typically prefer bow hunting but there's no bow season for houses, so I had to use my Winchester. Oh well. Anyway, here's your back to work round-up of the news!

[Redacted] I'll try and do a round-up this evening after work. Cheers!

An excellent wrap-up on the TNR/Scott Thomas nonsense at PJM. (via The Blender of Puppies)

A great essay on "The Peace Racket." (via Insty)

The BBC sucks.

Ha! What a tool.

That's gonna have to be it for me tonight. Dang!, didn't even make it past Insty. So good night!

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jim said...

I am so ready for bow hunting, I just gotta get all my gear together and clothes cleaned and I am ready to roll! Whenever I see the deer out and about it gets me going!

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