Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back In Business

Well, [Redacted]! So, a bit of catching up to do. These last few posts have been as much for my benefit as yours, dear reader (who is but a figment of my imagination). I'll be able to follow up on these stories later that I didn't have time to read fully. Anyway, "further up and further in!", on with the blogging!

All following from Michelle Malkin's excellent site:

An update on the Newark execution murder case, with part two. Related story here, and also here.

A thousand words. The green dot is CAIR, the red dot to the right and slightly below is HAMAS, a terrorist organization.

Nothing beats post-modern feminism.

Here in Oregon, sanity appears to have won this round.

Also in our neck of the woods, keep you eyes peeled for these possible jihadis, unless of course you work for a loony liberal left newspaper.

Looks like a good book, perhaps someone can get me a Labor Day present?

Well, eff you too!

About time, bastards.

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