Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Palate Cleanser

OK, after those two posts, I think we need to stand up and shake ourselves off. All of the following courtesy of the Jawas. First, an AQI biggie in south Iraq has his house introduced to a couple of Excalibur precision artillery rounds. At the same link, the second video shows where the same guy and his buddies flee the shelled house and attempt to escape in a car. Car, meet AH-64 Apache. Car no work, baddies run to second house. Second house, meet two 500 pound bombs courtesy of our friend the F-16 Viper. Lastly, see Mr. Jihadi Sniper jogging towards his car. Oops, Mr. Jihadi Sniper dropped his hat, better go back and get it. OK now, back to the car. Yeah, I'm in my car and I'm escaping! Oh noes, car no run good when bomb lands on it!

Update: Palette/Palate, what's the difference!

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Anonymous said...

Palette as in a little wooden plaque to mix paints? Or palate as in peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth?

The Mouse