Friday, July 20, 2007

"Magnificent Desolation"

"That' step for (a) man, leap...for mankind."

38 years ago today, to a worldwide television audience of millions, man first slipped the bonds of Earth, and trod on the surface of another heavenly body. American heroes would travel back again, and even take a dune buggy with them, because Americans are just that cool. Regarding that famous first quote uttered on the moon, recent research has fairly conclusively shown that he did use the word (a), which makes the quote make a whole lot more sense. That factoid, and much more, available at the wiki site here. Or also visit the official NASA 30-year anniversary page here. And look at the plaque below, even though only super-awesome Americans have ever ventured out to another celestial body, we left a greeting from all mankind. Just because we're so super-cool.

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