Sunday, May 27, 2007

Regarding Cetaceans

I have a couple of ideas for a couple of longer posts that I will put up today and tomorrow, but first I wanted to bring something to everyones attention. I saw, yet again, a very sad report on Fox News this morning. Apparently there are two humpback whales stranded in the Sacramento River in Central California. They have been there for a few days, and officials have tried, so far in vain, to drive them back to the sea from whence they came. Now stay with me here, as everyone knows, the Sacramento River drains into what body of water? That's correct, it drains into San Francisco Bay. There is a certain city located on the South Eastern edge of San Francisco Bay. That city? Alameda. And located in Alameda? Nuclear wessels.

Two humpback whales, San Francisco Bay, nuclear wessels, come on people, it's not tin-foil hat territory here. I hereby accuse Adm. James Tiberius Kirk of Starfleet for the plight of the two whales so sadly shown on Fox News. I demand a full Congressional investigation into the matter. Are these two whales George and Gracie, returned from the future after their work was done? Or was this a second attempt by Kirk to save the future once again from the evil 'Whale Probe of Doom.?" If this is George and Gracie, I think it is absolutely shameful that they would so callously be cast back into the dangers of today's whale-hunting environment. If they are two different whales, what then? I think the only logical explanation would be a sloppy beam-up attempt by that Scottish lush Scottie. His ham-handed typing on the transporter control panel only clipped the whales, resulting in the mysterious injuries described on Fox News.

So please, contact your Congressman and Senators. Demand a full inquiry into this egregious affair. And demand that justice finally be delivered onto Admiral Kirk.

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