Sunday, May 27, 2007

Concerning Movies

I am an absolute and total movie nut. For that, I make no excuse. There are two ways in which I broadly categorize movies; "popcorn fun" and all others. From time to time on this site, I will be posting movie reviews of new or new-ish theatrical releases as well as dvd releases. For the "popcorn fun" category, I will generally be very lenient. I am fairly certain that on July 4th, I will be watching Transformers with bated breath. I am also fairly certain that Transformers will kick major butt. I realize that Michael Bay does not have great talent as a director, that the plot might well be somewhat lacking, that the dialogue may consist entirely of cheesy one-liners, etc. That is not the point of that type of movie. Simply put, if a movie is classified as a "popcorn movie," it should simply entertain. That is all.

The second category is all other movies. Basically, if a movie is not a big budget summer blockbuster mass market film, it falls into the "other" category. It is this class of film that I will be much more stringent in my review criteria. A big turn-off for me is a so-called 'liberal' film. Case in point, the Marky Mark abortion from a few months ago titled "Shooter." I had already heard negative reviews of the movie, but decided to go see it anyway, primarily because I am a huge fan of 'sniper' movies. I.e., Enemy at the Gates, Sniper, etc. The problem is, any marginal coolness of the film was greatly overpowered by the nauseatingly obvious liberal slant. See also V for Vendetta as another example of ridiculous lefty posturing in a film.

So in summary, I will review films from time to time from both categories. If a film is a 'popcorn movie' I'll simply declare whether or not it was 8 bucks worth entertaining. If it's anything else, I'll try to delve deeper into the inner workings of the movie, especially regards any items that make my conservative blood boil. However, I still reserve the right to say Michael Bay is a dork.

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