Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, it's the end of an era. Fredmentum has ended. Now as anyone with a science or math background knows, momentum (P) is the product of the mass (m) and velocity (V) of an object, P=m*v. Therefore it follows that Fredmentum (F) is the product of Fred's appeal (a) and his polling level (p), F=a*p. Now, due to the conservation of momentum, in a closed system total momentum can not change. Fredmentum changed. Therefore there are only two possibilities:

1) Fredmentum was transferred to another body (McCainmentum, Mittmentum, Huckamentum, or Rudymentum) within the closed system and the total momentum of the system is unchanged. Or...

2) This is not a closed system and an outside force acted upon the Fredmentum thus lowering it's absolute value.

Let us first look at the first option. Within the closed system, a transfer of momentum from Fredmentum to one of the other parties would require a change in the absolute value of Fredmentum. To wit: either Fred's appeal (a) or polling level (p) would need to decrease. Since it is clear that Fred's appeal has only increased with time, it would be safe to say that the decrease in Fredmentum came about due to a decrease in his polling level. This is possible only if one of the other parties' appeal was sufficiently greater than Fred's. That is clearly not the case, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not to be trusted or believed.

The second option, however, is very intriguing. I personally believe that an outside force acted upon Fred. Some might say it was the Mainstream Media. Other's will blame the current big-government "compassionate" conservatives that are currently leading the GOP. Some others yet will claim that it was a cabal of pro-illegal immigration big business owners. There are other possibilities I'm sure, and I will leave it to you to make up your own mind. I report, you decide. I, of course, blame the Joooooos.

It is too painful at this juncture to contemplate the next step, but it is a step that must be taken nonetheless. This weekend I shall due some deep soul searching (by going to the movies to see that movie about the computer hacker guy that's following that chick. "Mommy, why is a video of our house on the computer?" That movie looks wicked cool!) and report back to you my dear reader(s). We obviously can not and must not simply concede this race to the Stalinists of the Democratic Party.



Anonymous said...

Lots of posting going on, as well as polls, over the topic of "Now who?" Ace ( I think) had a post relating a Fred insider saying Fred really only wanted to be VP but was "testing the waters" to see if it was worth doing. That doesn't sound like Fred to me. But now, we have to go back to the market place of candidates. Once again we face a nasty job of picking out the least rotten apple. Not "who will lead?" but "Who will do the least harm?"


The Old Man said...

Phred is dead. He gave us hope for a while, but like you I could see the leftist hand of the MSM ignoring his candidacy. Now the only conservative, 2A-supporting, Constitutionalist has left the race.
As I said in my blog, "May God have mercy on our souls...."

Thomas Paine said...

I had to delete my first comment, posted by Anon (not Geezer). It was just a cut and paste job from the Onion of a Jimmy Carter article written in the last few days were he puts himself out as the last great hope of the country. It being the onion, of course every other word was the f-bomb, which I may have just left, but it also included incredibly graphic and profane language, so buh-bye now. Thanks for the input though!

MC said...

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