Friday, September 7, 2007

Well Alrighty Then!

So, can I question the Loony Liberal Left's patriotism now? How about now? Is this a good time? Surely this is a good time to question their patriotism? I mean, I understand they have a meme to push, but seriously? I think this is getting just a little out of hand. Between craven cover-your-ass politicking, over-emotional responses to undesired decisions made by the will of the people, and just pure bat-shit insanity (sorry), I get a little cheesed-off to say the least. One thing I really hate, is the wholesale reinterpretation of recent history when Dems get exposed for the fools they are, pathetic. Sadly, there is really only one man who could fix this, but I don't think he's available. Perhaps mighty Teh Fred! will be able to kick a little butt and take names and clean this place up. One can only hope. A commenter sums it up rather nicely here.

Of course, for a different viewpoint you could always read what this guy has to say, if you think he has the intelligence and honesty to speak his mind.


Jesse Custer said...

Thanks for the link!

When I wrote the post about Zombie Reagan, I actually did consult a jin-you-whine Zombie priestess in New Orleans. She declined to participate in the event.

With any luck, she perhaps will also decline to place a curse on me ...

Thomas Paine said...

You're probably safe, I'm sure she was too busy cursing Shrubby McHaliburton Bushitler for getting her soggy!!!1!!one!