Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The End of Ignorance, Part 8 of 10

In the remaining North Tower of the WTC, workers clung to the edges of windows, hundreds of feet in the air, praying for a miracle. They surely knew that brave men and women below were doing everything they could to rescue them, but they also certainly knew that the odds were against them. They had seen the first tower collapse. Perhaps slipping on debris, or pushed by accident, between 100 and 250 people had a truly unimaginable fate. Maybe some chose their fate, trying to escape the searing flames, the suffocating smoke, and the agonized wails and tears of their co-workers. Perhaps, knowing that this was it, they decided to go out on their own terms. A few seconds of silence, blowing wind, and perhaps, peace. At 10:28 AM the North Tower collapses...

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