Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Round-Up

First, let me send you over to Michelle's to find out about Robert Spencer's new book, Religion Of Peace? Why Christianity Is, And Islam Isn't. Reading the review at Amazon, I'd say it looks to be most excellent. I'm about to order it from Amazon, you should too!

Also at Michelle's, more on those Newark NJ execution style murders of the three college students. I'll just send you to this previous post of mine for my opinion on the matter.

And in local news (again from Michelle), an update on the two Oregon middle schoolers who are facing charges of felony sexual abuse, and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. All that for playing grab-ass in school. Thank god it wasn't this PC when I went to school.

Charles at LGF brings news that you can't eat your lunch anymore in Scotland. At least, not at work during Ramadan. Related news from Charles here.

Check out this link to a site that allows you to find out who's been editing various wiki posts. (h/t: everyone, but especially Hot Air and LGF).

Palestinian child abuse at Hot Air. With bonus animal abuse video!

Yes please! Will Shilpa Shetty be the new Bond Girl?


"Scientific method? We don't need no steenkeen scientific method!" Find out the latest on the whole "global warming" being based on shoddy "science" over at Hot Air. (pun not intended)

Also at Hot Air, another book review, this time regarding Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It. More than just a book review though, also covers attempts by the very individuals who are sponsoring terror to get these books pulled from production. Read the whole thing, and then go buy the book to find out more. I did!

Video: Aliens of the Caribbean

al Qaeda on the move? (But to where?)

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