Saturday, August 11, 2007


...He'll save everyone of us.

Okay, so on this infamous post (be very very careful clicking that link, words can not even begin to describe the sheer horror that awaits you), I mentioned that I'd probably post a review of the new Sci-Fi channel Flash Gordon show. My first impression was that it was pretty low rent and kinda ghey. Not that the original movie was anything spectacular, but it is something of a cult classic, especially for guys from my generation. The biggest beef I have from last night's premiere (spoiler alert) is the whole "where is the IMAX" thing. I actually do have somewhat less than optimal hearing ability, but even I was pretty sure that the baddies were saying "where is the 'eye-mex'," phonetically speaking. Hmm, imex, Timex, what a stretch. Of course, I should mention that a very large point was made that Flash wears his deceased (??!?) father's watch. Could it possibly be a ....dunh dunh dunh.... Timex? And if I (who pride myself in subconsciously not figuring out plot elements, ever) am able to deduce this key point within a few minutes, than you know it's not exactly Usual Suspects territory regarding the surprising plot twists and revelations. Other than that, I guess it's alright for a basic cable TV show. It's no Eureka (much less Monk), but it might be worthwhile. I'm sure to give it another try next week, if just out of morbid curiosity. I'll let you know how it goes.

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