Saturday, July 7, 2007


Two years ago today, the vile jihadists exploded bombs in the London Underground as well as on one of the iconic double-decker buses. Wiki entry for these events is here. So far, only IMAO has posted anything about this. I'll get back to work, and do another intertube run-around this afternoon and update this post, hopefully, with some more links. Remember.

Update (4:30 PM PST): Well I'll be darned. Not. A. Blip. Nothing at Insty, nothing at HA, nothing except IMAO's link to the Wiki entry. Hmm. It is July. Today is the seventh. Oh well, I'd blame the Goracle but his coverage is relatively light too. Must just be too nice of a day outside to remember our allies sacrifices in the war against evil Muslim jihadis. Oh well, have a nice day!

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