Saturday, July 28, 2007

How You Doin'?

I'm about to do a quick run around the intertubes to catch y'all up on what's shakin', but first let me throw up a link to one of my favorite Ace posts. I tried for hours searching for "don't touch my sandwich or I will f***ing kill you," but I couldn't find it. That's because he's talking about a freakin hoagie. Oh well, it's really funny and I wanted to be able to find it again so I put a link here. First, let me give you a strong content warning for much foul language, and then tell you to go here, and enjoy teh funny.

One thing that blew up this week was the whole "Scott Thomas" kerfuffle. He is now known to be a soldier in Iraq, although his integrity and honesty are greatly in doubt. He wrote some outrageous articles about alleged atrocities in Iraq, and was summarily called to account by the blogosphere. Read all about it at Hot Air (and insight into why this matters here), MM, Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette ties in the sheep/dog/wolf allegory (follow that first link at M.G. for the whole sheep dog analysis, and more Scott Thomas here), and finally blackfive has a cool picture and article.

In other news, Iraq today won the Asian Cup, defeating Saudi Arabia 1-0 in the final soccer match in Jakarta (now with extra-creamy low-fat video!).

Also, a man from Pace University faces multiple felony charges for hate crimes for placing a university library Koran (piss be upon it) into a toilet bowl. Layman's legal analysis by AllahPundit is here.

In celebrity "news," The Lindsay Saga continues to devolve, if such a thing is even possible.

Page D7: Ward Churchill finally fired (now with extra AP distortion!), helicopters crash (video here), Pat Tillman murdered? (more here), John Doe immunity bill (maybe) passes, FBI fined $100 MILLION for framing some people for murder, The latest aircraft carrier joins US forces in the Persian Gulf, Marion Ravenwood will return in Indiana Jones 4 (If you click-through on Ace's link to FoxNews, just scroll down past Madonna), Christopher Walken cooks a chicken (I'm super cereal-and also don't miss this Walken classic), and lastly, ultimate heartache.

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