Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

Today is the birthday of the greatest nation ever to grace the face of planet Earth. Probably any other planet as well, but I don't personally know for sure. Be sure to check out the 4th of July coverage at Hot Air (includes bomb-making tips!), Ace has teh funny (it's safe mom!), Slublog posting at Ace's has the full Declaration of Independence, Michelle of course brings the sober and mature birthday message, via MM, Mrs. Greyhawk has a letter from a military father at Mudville Gazette (Kleenex alert), Good Lt. at TJR has the moving video tribute post (double Kleenex alert on that second video), Rachel Lucas reminds us that dogs don't like fireworks (strong PG warning for one use of A word and a Son of a B-However, if you wander around the rest of her site, don't be surprised to find some very salty language, that's why I heart her), Frank J's daily Fred! Thompson fact is very lol worthy (but not quite roflmao), Powerline has a pair of presidential posts (first and second), and lastly, Cox & Forkum have the signature cartoon along with some excellent Declaration Of Independence links. Enjoy!

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