Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Few Movies I Watched

So I decided to be a little lazy this weekend. About the only real thing I accomplished in the meatosphere was installing an air conditioner in my house. Cool. So I watched a few movies this weekend, and thought I'd sure some short reviews/thoughts. As an aside, I have decided to adopt netflix's scoring system for maximum neural efficiency. On to the movies!

Smokin' Aces starring a bunch of people. Kind of like Ocean's Eleven meets Lock Stock, but not quite as good as either. Entertaining enough, just nothing to write home about. "I liked it."

Pan's Labyrinth starring a bunch of Spanish people. Yes, I was aware that it was marketed as a fairy tale for adults and is rated R, but it stars a little girl and is a fairy tale. So I was stupidly surprised at the brutality and sheer "messed-upness" of the film. Very moving and beautiful, a must see. "I really liked it"/"I loved it."

The Painted Veil starring Kong's Bane and Smoochy the Rhino. I liked it because I love Smoochy, in a completely hetero way, because I think he's one of his generation's most talented actors. I also love Jet Girl because, well, she's unbelievably and incredibly hot, and also a good actress. In a nutshell, The Painted Veil is very English Patient-ey, and if it were a fruit, I'd say it was "a very plum, plum." Like English Patient, it's filmed in a very sumptuous and beautiful manner. Instead of the throat parching desert, you can almost smell the sickeningly sweet fragrance of tropical orchids wafting from the screen. Set in the hinterlands of 1920's China, The Painted Veil centers around a bacteriologist, and his wife, sent to a small town to deal with a cholera outbreak. Most excellent. "I loved it."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really like movies about cholera, too. I usually make a dash to the theatre whenever they are coming out! I will sometimes see it again if it continues to run. Too many showings, though,just kinda wipe me out! No wonder they need sweet, fragrant blossoms in a cholera movie. D'oh!

Oh, and it's sumptuous. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

An aside to Pan's Labyrinth which I also recently watched. A good movie, visually entertaining, but beware the faint of heart or sick of stomach-a few scenes which required a quick hand and helpful hubby to let me know when I could watch again.

Thomas Paine said...

My first cot spelling airer. I usually trie to use spell check, but sometimes forgit. Oh well. Fixed now! Re: Cary's comment, I loved the scene were they had the two hunters captured, and out of the blue the Captain proceeded to smash the guys face to death. Cool.